WATERDOWN Legion Branch 551   Initiation of New Members

Your application(s) for membership in the Royal Canadian Legion has been approved.  Before initiation, you will be instructed in the purposes and objects of our organization


The purposes and objectives of the Legion to are to constitute an association of those who have served or are serving he Her Majesty’s armed forces or any auxiliary force and of others who support the purposes and objects of the Legion, which association shall be democratic and non-sectarian and shall not be affiliated to or connected directly with any political party or organization.


The Legion shall stand for loyalty to the reigning Sovereign and to Canada, for the maintenance of the basic principles of the commonwealth, for the development of a nation and united spirit, for ordered government in Canada and while striving for peace, goodwill and friendship among all nations, will advocate the maintenance in and by Canada of adequate defence at sea, on land and in the air, for the discharge of those obligations which rest upon us by virtue of our partnership in the commonwealth and the United Nations.


The Legion shall stand for strong and united comradeship among all members and those who have served, so that neither their rights nor their interests shall be forgotten, and that their welfare and that of their dependents, especial the dependents of the disabled, the sick, the aged and the needy, may always be safeguarded.

The Legion shall encourage, promote, engage in or support all forms of national, provincial, municipal or community service, or any charitable purpose.

Having heard the purposes and objects of this great organizantion are you prepared to subscibe to them and labour to advance the Legion’s cause?  If you are say “I am"


You will now make your declaration of loyalty to our Sovereign and country, and obedience your General By-Laws.

Repeat after me:  In the presence of those members here assembled—I do hereby declare my allegiance to the Sovereign –and loyalty to my country –I promise to be true – to the purposes and objects, of the Royal Canadian Legion –as set forth in the constitution thereof –to observe its rules and By-laws –and ever strive by all proper means –to promote the work of the organization, including active participation in poppy campaigns.

And further –I make oath and declare  –that I am not a member of –or affiliated –any group—party or sect—whose interests conflict –with the avowed purposes of the Legion –and do not and will not –support any organization—advocating the overthrow by force –of organized government in Canada – which encourages—or participates --in subversive action or propaganda.